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Ferry Stena Line Fishguard Rosslare, England - Ireland

Stena Line
Ferry company:
Stena Line
Fishguard, England - Rosslare, Ireland
Stena Europe
Stena Express
Ferry sailing times for Fishguard - Rosslare route:
Stena Europe
Stena Express
Crossing time:
2 hours (Fastcraf), 3 hours 30 minutes (Superferry)
About the ferry:
The bright spacious ferry between England and Ireland make it easy for you to travel in comfort, with all the onboard facilities at hand to make your journey as relaxing and fun as possible. You can chose to upgrade to exclusive Stena Plus lounge onboard the ferry, which contain laptop access, waiter service, special menu for main meal and breakfast and a wide choice of seats for best comfort. Onboard the ferry between Fishguard and Rosslare you can also enjoy great shopping. onboard the ferry you can choose from an excellent selection of fragrances, chocolates, spirits and much more. The ferry between England and Ireland We also offer free Wi-Fi throughout the ship, so you can surf across the Irish Sea without leaving your seat onboard the ferry.
Type of transport:
Economy, Flexi, caravan, car, one way ticket, trailer, animal, motorcycle, bikecycle.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Suite capin, cabin, shops, lounge, seats, dining, childrens area.
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