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Ferry P&O Ferries Troon Larne, Scotland - Northern Ireland

P&O Ferries
Ferry company:
P&O Ferries
Troon, Scotland - Larne, Northern Ireland
Troon Fast Craft
Ferry sailing times for Troon - Larne route:
Troon Fast Craft
Crossing time:
2 hours
About the ferry:
The 2 hour ferry between Troon in scotland and Larne in Ireland operates between March and October. Troon is located only 35 minutes from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Enjoy the relaxing ferry with a good meal and let the kids have fun in the kids area, and you will cross the irish sea with a good memory on the ferry between Troon and Larne. Each ferry on the Irish sea crossings are also maintained to the highest standards for your comfort and safety, so you can be sure of a pleasurable trip every time you travel between Irleland and Scotland.
Type of transport:
Minibus, van, passenger, car, bicycle, motorbike.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Shopping, lounge, dining, kids area.
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