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Ferry P&O Ferries Hull, England - Rotterdam, Holland

P&O Ferries
Ferry company:
P&O Ferries
Hull, England - Rotterdam, Holland
Pride of Hull
Pride of Rotterdam
Ferry sailing times for Hull - Rotterdam route:
Pride of Hull
Pride of Rotterdam
Crossing time:
11 hours
About the ferry:
With night sailings on the two luxury cruiseferries between Hull and Rotterdam, you can enjoy the great onboard entertainment and delicious food choices, then get a good night's sleep in your comfortable ensuite cabin. The route between England and Holland will cut miles of driving from your journey and as it's all at night, those miles will disappear while you are asleep. When you wake up the next morning, you'll arrive in Hull or Rotterdam, refreshed and ready to go. Excellent road access to the North of England or Europe, makes this an ideal crossing for your holiday and allows you to explore the many interesting towns and cities of England or Europe, all of which are bound to leave you with memories of a great trip onboard the ferry.
Type of transport:
Passengers, cars, vans, minibus.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Shopping, standard cabins, club cabins, premier cabins, restaurants, entertainment, bars, casino, childrens area.
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