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Ferry P&O Ferries Cairnryan, Scotland - Larne, Northern Ireland

P&O Ferries
Ferry company:
P&O Ferries
Cairnryan, Scotland - Larne, Northern Ireland
European Highlander
European Causeway
Ferry sailing times for Cairnryan - Larne route:
European Highlander
European Causeway
Crossing time:
1 hour
About the ferry:
The P&O Express fastcraft only takes an hour to speed you across the sea between Larne and Cairnryan. Or if you prefer a more leisurely cruise, our Superferries between Scotland and Ireland will glide you over in only 2 hours. Larne port is located on the east coast of Northern Ireland, 22 miles from Belfast. Cairnryan port is located in southwest Scotland, on Loch Ryan's northern edge.
Type of transport:
passenger, van, cars, bus, motorcycle, motorhome, bicycle, trailer, caravan.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Lounge, shops, dining, kids area.
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