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Ferry Norfolkline P&O Ferries Liverpool, England - Dublin, Ireland

P&O Ferries
Ferry company:
P&O Ferries
Liverpool, England - Dublin, Ireland
Ferry sailing times for Liverpool - Dublin route:
Crossing time:
8 hours
About the ferry:
The Norbank and Norbay superferries take you across the Irish Sea at leisure. With the ferry between England and Ireland you can choose to cruise the eight hour crossing by day or by night. Leave last thing in the evening and enjoy a restful nights' sleep and awake in charming Dublin or Liverpool, or sail by day and take advantage of the great activities onboard. Meals are included in the price onboard the ferry between Ireland and England. There are no lifts to the main passenger areas onboard the ferry, and access is by staircase.
Type of transport:
Freight, cars passengers, motorbikes, scooter, vans, bicycle, trailer, caravan, motorhome, minibus, animal.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Dining, shops.
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