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Ferry Norfolkline Liverpool Belfast, England - Northern Ireland

Ferryline route:
Liverpool, England - Belfast, Northern Ireland
Lagan Seaways
Mersey Seaways
Ferry sailing times for Liverpool - Dublin route:
Lagan Seaways
Mersey Seaways
Crossing time:
8 hours
Ferry information:
The ferry service between Liverpool and Belfast operates with two vessels, the LAGAN SEAWAYS and the MERSEY SEAWAYS, both of which provide a top class onboard experience for ferry passengers. So whether you want to take advantage of the overnight crossing ferry that gets you to your chosen destination first thing in the morning, or a day sailing where you can relax and enjoy the comfort of the onboard facilities, the ferry between England and Northern Ireland can cater for all your needs.
Ferry deals:
Single ferry fares, cruice, Return ferry fares, 5 day return fares, Car, car with caravan, van, minibus, van with trailer, Motorhome, motorcycle, bicycle.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Restaurants, Bars, Onboard shop, Dedicated areas for the kids, Hand held entertainment units, Club Class (upgraded ticket), Cabin accommodation, Dog Lodge.
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