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Ferry Norfolkline Dover, England - Dunkirk, France

Ferry company:
Dover, England - Dunkirk, France
Maersk Dunkerque
Maersk Dover
Maersk Delft
Ferry sailing times for Dover - Dunkirk route:
Maersk Dunkerque
Maersk Dover
Maersk Delft
Crossing time:
2 hours
About the ferry:
The cross-channel ferry service between Dover and Dunkerque is served by the newest fleet on the channel (Maersk Dunkerque, Maersk Dover and Maersk Delft) and a wide range of facilities are available onboard the ferry between England and France to ensure you can relax and enjoy your time onboard. Onboard you will find a VIP lounge offering unparalleled luxury, a wide selection of restaurants &;amp bars and dedicated play areas for children. The ferry between Dover and Dunkirk is fast becoming an extremely popular route for travellers going from or to France and England.
Type of transport:
Car, van, minibus, bus, bicycle, trailer, caravan, motorcycle, motorhome.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Restaurant, shopping, bar, kids area.
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