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LD Lines Ferries Portsmouth, England - Le Havre, France

LD Lines
Ferry company:
LD Lines
Portsmouth, England - Le Havre, France
Norman Arrow
Côte d'Albâtre
Ferry sailing times for Portsmouth - Le Havre route:
Norman Arrow
Côte d'Albâtr
Crossing time:
3 hours 15 minutes (fast ferry, summertime only) 8 hours (overnight ferry)
About the ferry:
The overnight departure from Portsmouth to Le Havre, arrives in France at 0800 giving you a night’s sleep before you continue your travels. The afternoon departure from Le havre to Portsmouth have a 5 hours 30 minutes crossing time. From May to September, the ferry Norman Arrow will also operate the route with a 3 hours 15 minutes crossing time. All cars and their passengers traveling with the ferry between England and France are requested to check-in a minimum of 45 minutes before departure. The LD fleet crossing between Portsmouth and Le Havre uses the latest technology to ensure the highest standards of comfort and safety. Tastefully decorated, the ferries of LD Lines offer excellent leisure facilities and provide you with first class onboard service between England and France.
Type of transport:
Passenger, car, trailer, van, bus, motorhome, minibus, motorcycle
Onboard ferry facilities:
Bar, restaurant, cabin, sleeper seat, shopping, kids area.
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