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Ferry Condor Ferries Portsmouth, England - Cherbourg, France

Condor ferries
Ferry company:
Condor Ferries
Portsmouth, England - Cherbourg, France
Commodore Clipper
Sunday (May to September)
Ferry sailing times for Portsmouth - Cherbourg route:
Commodore Clipper
Crossing time:
7 hours 30 minutes
About the ferry:
The Sunday conventional ferry service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg operates throughout the summer months and is ideal for those camping and caravanning. Cherbourg is located at the tip of the Cotentin Peninsula in France, and is the gateway to the popular region of Normandy. Located on the coast of Hampshire, Portsmouth in England offers miles of waterfront together with a mix of historical, cultural and sightseeing opportunities. A lively arts scene, fine dining and specialist shopping makes Portsmouth an ideal destination.
Type of transport:
Passenger, car, van, bus, motorhome, minibus, motorcycle
Onboard ferry facilities:
En suite cabins, reclining seats, brasserie, lounge Bar, duty free shop, children’s area, club class.
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