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Ferry Brittany Ferries Portsmouth, England - Caen, France

Brittany Ferries
Ferry company:
Brittany Ferries
Portsmouth, England - Caen, France
mv Mont St Michel
mv Normandie
Normandie Express
Ferry sailing times for Portsmouth - Caen route:
mv Mont St Michel
mv Normandie
Normandie Express
Crossing time:
3 hours 45 minutes (fast ferry) 7 hours ( cruise)
About the ferry:
Cruise and fast ferry services from Portsmouth to Caen with Brittany Ferries gives you a choice of either the high speed ferry service taking you into the heart of northern France in just 3 hours 45 minutes, or a classic cruise ferry on which you can enjoy fine dining, excellent shopping and comfortable cabins on your crossing between England and France. Brittany Ferries can offer up to four crossings per day between Portsmouth and Caen. Portsmouth ferry terminal is located directly off the M27, and the links to the M3 and M25, it is easily reached from London, the Midlands and the North. Excellent road links out of Caen make it an easy drive to Brittany, the Loire and the South of France. This is also one of the nearest port for Paris and eastern France.
Type of transport:
Passenger, car, van, bus, motorhome, minibus, motorcycle, trailer.
Onboard ferry facilities:
Restaurant, coffee shop, cabin, wifi, games room, slot machines, childrens area, cinema.
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