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Ferry Brittany Ferries Portsmouth, England - Bilbao, Spain

Brittany Ferries
Ferry company:
Brittany Ferries
Portsmouth, England - Bilbao, Spain
mv Cap Finistère
Ferry sailing times for Portsmouth - Bilbao route:
mv Cap Finistère
Crossing time:
2 days
About the ferry:
The twice weekly service from Portsmouth to Bilbao are to be in addition to the existing ferry services to Santander from Portsmouth and Plymouth and will be operated by mv Cap Finistère. The Bilbao ferry terminal is located in a fishing village called Zierbena and is accessible from both the west (Santander) and the east (Madrid and Barcelona) via the A8. The Sunday departure departs at 22:00 and is a two night crossing. The ship stops in Roscoff on Monday morning for 1h 30min to allow for a change of crew and to load supplies (passengers may not disembark). The ship arrives in Bilbao on Tuesday morning.
Type of transport:
Passenger, car, van, bus, motorhome, minibus, motorcycle
Onboard ferry facilities:
kids area, shopping, wifi, bar, restaurant, cabin, lounge.
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